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Sanders (Ed) 2019 – Physician’s Field Guide to Neuropsychology, Springer/Nature.

This text utilizes over 25 cases examples from pediatrics to older adult to illustrate the utility of neuropsychology in comprehensive care of people with various neurologic conditions. Each chapter is written by a physician and a neuropsychologist. Chapters describe the scientific basis of neuropsychology and numerous treatment and specialty issues related to treatment of neurocognitive conditions (vocational, forensic, academic and basic lifestyle). A full description of the text and details can be found on the Springer/Nature website.

Physician’s Field Guide Book Review:

•Singh, S. et. al. 2021 Book Review: Physician’s Field Guide to Neuropsychology: Collaboration through Case Example, Frontiers in Psychology, Feb. 16. ( Read full review )


    • Doctoral level courses in neuropsychology, gerontology and psychotherapy.
      Symposium on Neuropsychology: UWSOM Medical Residents



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    • Washington State Bar Association – Neuropsychology and Competency Issues
    • Pacific Northwest Neuropsychological Society – PNNS
    • Swedish MS, Swedish Cerebrovascular Center, Ivy Brain Tumor Center
    • UW/School of Social Work
    • “Using Neuropsychological Testing: Inpatient and Outpatient Settings” – *Swedish Neuroscience Institute – October 5, 2011
    • Cognition and Stroke – Seventh Annual Cerebrovascular Symposium: Practical Aspects of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Care – Swedish Neuroscience Institute * – 2013